Pastoral Care Ministries

Some seasons of life can be difficult to navigate. Broken relationships, hospitalization, the death of a loved one, financial struggles, and destructive habits all present unique challenges. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to turn.

  • Our Pastoral Care Team is well equipped and available to help with any of these needs and more.
  • Call 423-645-3552 to talk with a pastor immediately.
  • Please note: None of our Pastoral Ministries Team Members, paid or volunteer, are acting as professional or licensed counselors. We are simply encouragers in faith, seeking to help you enjoy a meaningful and victorious relationship with Jesus Christ.
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    Prayer Team

    We believe in the power of prayer. Whether you have a need for healing, hope, support or salvation, we want to take time to pray for you. When you mark your prayer “Confidential,” only members of the Pastoral Care Staff see those requests. Follow the link below to share your need with us.