Oakwood Baptist Church

Protect Young Eyes

Protect Young Eyes

Thursday, November 02, 2017, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Does my seventh grader need a smartphone?
Can my kid get in trouble on Snapchat?

How much screen time is too much?
What would I say if I found our child was looking at porn?

As a parent, when it comes to technology and your children, there are often more questions than answers. That’s why we have partnered with Oakwood Christian Academy to host Protect Young Eyes. 

This special presentation aims to “give busy parents and tech-savvy kids the information and tools they need to use technology awesomely.”  Founded by Chris McKenna, the Protect Young Eyes team presents around the country and is featured regularly on local news, podcasts, and radio stations for their in-depth research.

The goals of this presentation include:

  • Enlightening parents about the digital culture of kids today, including brain science, pornography, and the latest social media trends so that they can make risk-based decisions about how their own kids should be using technology.
  • Equipping parents with strategies for creating an internet safer home including information about parental controls, filtering, and how to parent in the digital age.
  • Encouraging parents to be observant, engaged and informed. These three attributes often lead to having children who learn to use technology wisely.

Tickets cost $2.00/person to help offset the cost of the event and there is limited seating, so make sure to register today! 

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